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PGx Websites for Pharmacists

A number of resources about pharmacogenetics and PGx testing are available online. Some are quick guides that you can easily check if you have a specific question regarding a test or drug. Others include webinars and presentations about pharmacogenetic testing. We will update as new resources become available.

US Food and Drug Administration: Table of PGx Biomarkers in Drug Labels 

WebResources_Screenshot_FDA Biomarkers

This table includes a list of all FDA-approved drugs with labels containing PGx information, their respective PGx biomarker, and sections of the label that contain PGx information. Some labels include specific actions to be taken based on PGx test results. Within the table, there is a hyperlink to the label if you’re interested in learning more. Our table Drug Labels & Clinical Guidelines uses some information acquired from this website.




The PharmGKB resource includes clinical information such as dosing guidelines and drug labels, potentially clinically actionable gene-drug associations and genotype-phenotype relationships. PharmGKB collects, curates and disseminates knowledge about the impact of human genetic variation on drug responses.

National Genetics and Education Development Centre: Pharmacogenetics in Healthcare

WebResources_Screenshot_NHS genetics and genomics educ centre

The UK National Health System (NHS) National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre provides videos and other information about PGx as well as other topics in genetics and genomics. Included is a link to an online course if you’re interested in learning more about PGx.

ARUP and University of Utah Online Lecture:  Pharmacogenetics of CYP-mediated drug metabolism

Dr. Gwendolyn McMillin, a Medical Director at ARUP Laboratories and a Professor at the University of Utah discusses pharmacogenetics in this online lecture. The lecture aims to describe the role of drug metabolism in the activation and inactivation of drugs, explain the nomenclature of cytochrome P450 enzyme phenotypes and genetic variants and list examples of CYPs and drugs with pharmacogenetic associations, and how they would be used to guide drug and dose selection. The video lecture is free to access and CME credit is currently available. The 


Last updated July 27, 2016