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Results Cards for Patients

Many pharmacogenetic genes are associated with multiple drugs. Therefore, results from PGx testing may inform prescribing of future medications. Because PGx testing results may have future implications, it is important that patients know and understand the result, or at a minimum, be able to share results with other prescribing providers and pharmacists.

A survey of patients revealed that they would feel comfortable keeping PGx testing results in a portable format such as a wallet card to enable easy sharing with other prescribing providers and pharmacists. As part of an ongoing study conducted by our group, we gave patient participants a card with their PGx test results; thus far, all participants report believing that the results card is useful (data not yet published).

You’ll note that we elected to use more patient-friendly language when describing the metabolizer status. For example, where most guidelines and literature would use the term “extensive metabolizer,” we have opted for “typical metabolizer.” During our study, the cards were printed double-sided on bright cardstock and laminated similarly to an identification card.

PatientResources_Summary Card
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 If you’re interested in using these cards in your pharmacy, please contact Ms. Mills at