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Giving patients printed educational materials can improve their understanding as well as decrease anxiety about PGx testing and the results. In turn, improved patient understanding may result in better adherence to prescription medication. We have developed a number of patient-targeted resources for some of the research we have conducted. Most of our resources developed as part of a research study and have been piloted with patients. If you have any specific questions about the resources, or would like copies to adapt to your use, please contact Ms. Mills at


  • Patient brochure– Provides the patient with basic information about the effects of genetic changes on drug metabolism. Can be distributed to patients when testing is first being discussed.
  • Test Information Sheet – This one-page document provides an overview of the purpose, benefits and limitations of pharmacogenetic testing and can be distributed to patients when discussiong teting.
  • Pharmacogenetic Flipbook – Modeled after flipbooks used by genetic counselors, this resource provides graphic representation of key PGx concepts as well as specific information for drug-pharmacogene pairs.
  • Results card – Wallet-size card to provide convenient access and record of PGx test results.
  • Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act – Some patients are concerned about privacy of their genetic information. Talking to them about GINA can alleviate some of those concerns